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Our Values


We value Creativity because the scripture says that we are made in the image of God. As followers and disciples of Yeshua, Fullfiling our Purpose means understanding what it means to be created in the image of God. For us, one of things it means is understanding that people have the unique ability to imagine something that isn’t there already. While it’s true only God can make something out of nothing, people have the ability to take something that exists and image another thing that doesn’t already exist. Indeed, people often say this about God himself. That is, that man has taken something that didn’t exist and created something that did.

Part of the purpose of every individual is to glorify God. One of the ways to do this is to understand how to use the creativity He has given us to honor Him. Everyone has a gifting and the ability to use that gifting. Using that gifting is being creative.


We try to filter everything we do through the lens of gratitude. We understand gratitude to be a basic element in the life of a believer. We also understand that it often is absent in the life of a believer.

When we look back at scripture, we can see a significant difference in the lives of those with and without gratitude. Gratitude helps us to avoid complaining, which helps bring us closer to God. Moreover, as third-party beneficiaries to a promise made to Abraham, Isaach and Jacob, we know that we have only reason to have a mind stayed on gratitude. It puts us and helps us stay in the right frame of mind to receive blessings that God wants us to receive.


Hospitality as a value may mean something as simple being friendly and relational to the more complex meal. Each week, we try to have a time of fellowship after service designed to allow people develop relationship with each other. This includes the way the tables are set up. When we look at the scripture, we find many examples of this kind of hospitality and understand that we have been called to demonstrate who God is through hospitality.

Being Genuine

Being Genuine means being who you were called to be. Genuiness can be demonstrated with everything we do. Some people might say, what if you don’t know who you are, how can you be genuine? The answer is simple. Everyone who believes in Yeshua as Lord has an identity in Yeshua. This gives everyone a starting point even if they don’t know anything else about their calling. Everyone who claims Yeshua as Lord should live and continue to learn to live as if Yeshua is their Lord.

Most people just won’t suddenly know how to live the way they should when they first believe in Yeshua as their Lord. This means that people are often at different stages in their development as believers in Yeshua. And so, what may be genuine for one is not genuine for the other.

Being genuine is something that is learned. It means that while there are somethings you may already know about how to be genuine, other things will require more time and effort to know.


Alphabetically Worship may be last, but, it’s not least. As a Messianic Jewish Congregation, we worship within the cultural context of Judaism. The reality is that our culture although Jewish is not exclusively Jewish. This means that while, traditionally, the New Testament (covenant) is not part of Jewish culture and life, it is part of ours. We are a Passionate Kingdom Community and our worship is directed to God the Father. We acknowledge Yeshua (Jesus) and we worship God through the power that raised him from the dead, which is the power of the Spirit. We express our worship in traditional Jewish liturgy, which acknowledges the place of God in our lives. We also express our worship through traditional music. However, our music and even our liturgy won’t be all considered traditional.

Our Culture

We have a culture that is informed and being refined by our values listed below. 

We have a culture that values both Traditional and non-traditional worship.

We know who we are: we are genuine, creative, grateful, hospitable, a unified community and worshipful.

Although we are unified in worship, we are a diverse community of believers. Our culture value diversity in people, expression and gifting.

Messianic Minutes

The Messianic Minutes are a daily radio show aimed at bringing the Gospel to the Jewish people through Bible-believing Christian listeners. The program is hosted by Jeffrey D. Miller and Rabbi Ted Simon.

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